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Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Sweet Freebie for you! *Edited*

Hello Everyone! 
As a big thank you to my new followers and to my Old ones who have stuck around for awhile, I am working up a new Freebie sentiment set for you all!   So check back soon and subcribe to my rss feed, become a follower if your not already to see it as soon as I add it! =D
Ok and now for the newest set! I had an overwhelming response to my last sentiment set and I messed one up pretty bad ! ** Blush** LOL...  
So I made you all a new set of the sentiment I messed up! ... I hope you all  can use it I think the different styles could come in handy... =D  Anywho...  comes once again in Jpg and in  Png format  for mixing with another digital stamp!
 just  print and cut or crop and print the one you want easy as pie. =D

Enjoy! ** I have changed the files to the corrected ones** if you downloaded this  before 9:30 PM 11/6/2010 then you should download the new files! Sorry!

Meet Gretta Gobble the only Turkey you will need this Thanksgiving!

If you thought Grumpy Gretchen had Attitude!  Better watch out...

There's some New Attitude! in town!  
Meet the first of many ' Animals with Attitude! '
Gretta Gobble ready to talk turkey to you and let you have it!

Animals with Attitude!
a brand new Digital Stamp line that gives Attitude! a new twist.
300dpi and fine quality Black and White line drawing just ready for your coloring pleasure!

Ready just in time to send some Turkey Tude' this Holiday.
Gretta  is one Special Tasty Turkey , and she is not going to let you cook her Goose! 

This is the perfect stamp for all your thanksgiving cards and invitations... I can't wait till I get to make up a whole slew of Thanksgiving  cards, invitations, menu, place cards, and heck even some coloring pages for the kids!
Thanksgiving is going to be so much fun this year and hehehe.... it will have a bit of Attitude tossed in the mix! =D
Go run and grab your Gretta Gobble right HERE.

Can't wait to see what you  do  with this super digi-lishish Stamp! =D