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Friday, August 6, 2010

Pretty Pretty Princess card

Last weekend was CHA and I was busy around the house trying to get stuff done before I left. So I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but
I managed to make a few cards but never got to take pictures till today...(Yikes)
( I will make a separate post about CHA and all my goodies,
It was alot of fun and now I know what to do so I won't miss out on a thing! )

I made this Pretty Pretty Princess card, I was going for a bit more Clean and simple style but still have the pretties... I think it came out pretty good.

I had been looking for a sentiment to go with it but couldn't find anything I felt fit the card. 
I made one but then  decided not to use it.. LOL Ok I forgot to add it in my haste to finish the card ... but I don't really miss it to much..  and this way I can add something later for the correct occasion.

Please don't mind my rough edges ... the blade is shot on my trimmer and I needed to get a new one.. but had been putting it off.. then Rory the little guy Shoved it off the table  and broke on of the sides then did it again  and broke the other now it is really broken.. Blah.. =D at least now I really NEED it! LOL..

I added some pretty roses in various sizes and some Jewels in various sizes to one side of the card and of course added lots of stickles to the dress, crown, and scepter..  I colored with Prisma markers and copics, and the paper is various scrap... ( but I know it was all bought some time ago at Walmart) 
Do you ever feel like you  have to get throught the old paper you bought before you can get to the new stuff? ... LOL I do and I swear I bought a huge stack of papttern paper and I am never going to get through it. its just so much.. I use it all the time though..  so maybe one day.. =P

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!
 I have more so stay tuned! LOL I am setting up the schedule for them to post themselves...
 I am super busy getting ready fo Griffin to go back to school, getting ready for a road trip ( from IL. to Tx. To FL.)  with my sister! and I am getting ready to have a yard sale.. So much to do.. so little time.