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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I did it!

I made the Design team for the Scrapboking & Crafting friends on NING. It was official on the 12th of this month . It's sponsored by My Grafico & I got my set of Digital stamps on the 14th. I have made a few things so far though I was a bit unsure on how to open & use them once I downloaded them . I did figure it out on my own but I am still learning. I am going to recive my new set in the next few days , I can't wait!


Rory these past few months has changes so much, he is officially turning 7 months this week and he is pulling himself up and cruising around the furniture already. I was surprised when he started to crawl so early dragging himself around but now wow I think he might just be an early walker and Boy I am not really ready for that yet! I want to have my little baby a baby for longer.

He just got his 3rd tooth on the Saturday the 26 , the first two showed up on the 1st and the 8th of September... so three teeth in one month! Wow!
At his 6 month apt he weighed in at 14lbs 12 Oz and is in the 5th percentile.. He is my little shorty... most people think he is about 3-4 months old..LOL
Rory has lost his original hair except for a few stragglers and has grown lighter hair in it's place... right now it is a sandy blond color definitely not as light as Griffin's White blond hair. He also has light brown eyes... I Love them but I wish he had more green in them like me or Brad or the beautiful Blue like Griffin & Erika ... Oh well He is definitely an individual and I Love him sooooo Much!


Well I will just start of with saying the past few months have just flown by. Griffin Started school & is doing well. He also has 2 speech therapy sessions a week and a OT/PT once a week so we are always running to Peoria to have therapy it seems. He is doing great though he is working on building his muscle tone up and balance along with his motion sickness problem in the OT/PT & he has really come along way in speech but he is still not understandable to most and I am still the interpreter for most things he says, We have found that for most words he either leaves the beginning or the end off so it is not easily understood what he is trying to say.

We received his School pictures back and they are so precious... the teacher said he cried and was not letting them get a good happy picture and they tried for awhile but eventually he did stop and they got a picture. I will have to upload it and post later I especially love the tear in the corner of his eye ..Poor guy he is such a sensitive guy. We had had a bad morning which didn't help. He got car sick so we had to rush home and change from his picture clothes , so we were late to school not a good scenario for Griffin.