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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10 random things

1) I can't burp ( I don't know why or what the problem is but I can't do it...I have tried and they will come up as bubbles in my chest but no burp) weird I know... =P

2) I am a collector ( some may say pack rat or obsessive compulsive... I just like alot of the same thing and can't stop collecting them until I find something else to focus on =P) Right now I am focused on Scrapbooking products and tools so it is acceptable to most people...LOL funny how that works.

3) My favorite Ice cream is Baskin Robbins PeanutButter-Chocolate Ice Cream ... Mmmmmm and I love their clown cones for birthday treats.

4) I have recived 8 tattoos ( technically, even though I only have 7 Tattoos... one was added later to an existing Tattoo to make it align with the one down my spine)

5) I have trained as a Tattoo Artist and yes I have Tattooed People... including myself. Brad keeps after me to get my stuff up and get going again so he can get some work done again.

6) I went to school to be an Architect (2 yrs)and Interior Designer(1 Yr)... now I am not sure if it's what I want to do or not. I love it but I do hate math...LOL

7) I love Making Pottery. I wish I could afford to have a kiln... and a professional wheel.

8) My Favorite Movie - What Dreams May Come... I Love this movie, makes me cry everytime I see it.

9) I try to be as Eco freindly as I can be. I am the group owner of my local freecycle group. I recycle just about everything, I have 1 trash can a week of trash for a family of 4. I buy used not only to save me money but to help keep my footprint small. I am a energy and light nazi in my home... Cold go put on a sweatshirt and get a blanket, Unless it's dark out or no windows no lights should be on during the daytime. I do everything I can to help do our part.

10) I am growing my hair back out after chopping it off for some reason( I plead temporary Insanity)

( I am tagging Jennifer and Lynn) I've been SICK!

I don't even remember the last time I got on the computer before a few Min's yesterday... I have just not had the energy to get on the computer or do much else if I could help it.
Here's how my last few weeks went...
It started with Griffin coming home from school with a runny nose and an attitude. On Friday night after dinner he just started screaming and had the biggest tears rolling down his cheeks... I tried to comfort him & find out what was wrong but it's really hard because he still doesn't have the ability to tell us what hurts or what is the matter with him...
so he finally passed out after about 45 Min's and slept all night in the morning he was fine but we knew he was coming down with a cold this was Halloween so since he seemed OK we went out for our first time out Trick or Treating . When we got home he once again he started screaming & I knew then he had the beginnings of an ear infection so I called the after hours line to see if we could get an apt for him. By then he was also getting a gross sticky film on his eyes that could only be one thing.... PINK EYE... *sigh* I knew that if he had it then Rory was getting it as well ... Griffin can't keep off of him at all.
He fell asleep so we decided to get him an apt for the next day . Rory was showing signs of getting sick as well and so I was going to have my hands full with the both of them. Go the apt for both of them and Griffin had Conjunctivitis that is an ear infection ( she could barely see anything but he is sensitive to the pain) the pink eye(cold in the eye) and an upper Resp infection (Cold) soooooo he got some yummy antibiotics. Rory just had the upper resp ( cold ) starting so nothing for him but I knew we would be back soon enough.. and I was right.
By Thursday it was horrible his eyes were matted shut when he woke up his cough was getting worse and he was gagging and refusing to eat... When we got into the Dr's Office again he had the same as Griffin Conjunctivitis ( PINK EYE, Ear Infection and a upper resp cold)... so he gets eye drops & yummy antibiotics too. Right now he has the worse diaper rash because he would not eat anything solid offered to him like yogurt just nursed and the past few days barely even that. Poor guy...
Griffin started back to school this Monday but he was out since Halloween and I can tell he missed it ... he is so happy to get on that bus and see his teacher and friends at school! LOL he is so cute.
Rory is getting better finally started to eat better today and didn't gag once today! He even had some cheerios and a few bites of his turkey and sweet potato dinner... I was about to call the Dr and have him seen again since he wasn't getting better but decided to give it one more day . Seems like that was just what he needed.
During all this with the boys I got sick as well... Big surprise that me the big snot rag that I am would also get sick. uh man I have barley mustered enough energy to shower and take care of the boys so I am so glad to finally be somewhat better. My throat still hurts and My body still is stiff but I am so much better. All I can say is YAY!
Whew what a crazy few weeks I have had. Glad they are over!