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Friday, January 15, 2010

Cricut Design Studio Word/Shape Book

Last night I started to work on a word/shape book in the Cricut Design Studio Program.
I  really love it  because its pretty easy to use and I can make some fantastic things...
I would love to get the SCAL program and a drawing tablet so I could design my own stuff  eventually but for now this is great.
Anyway here is a screenshot of the album I am working on ... mind you  some things pictured ( like the waves) will go on one of the pages and not where it is pictured... this is a few of the layers that I didn't uncheck when I did my preview.
 I am going to cut this out to see what it looks like and if I need to make some adjustments to it.  Hopefully I will post some pictures of what I end up with  soon!

Cartridge Details:
A Childs Year, Everyday Paper Dolls, Plantin School Book

Everyday paper Dolls ( Cricut )

The Paper Dolls Dress up Cartridge is one of My favorite Cartridges.
 It really has so many extras that  you would never know were there until you  opened the box... or had the Design Studio Program ( trial or actual) . I recently Bought the Everyday paper dolls and it has somethng for everyone on it as well. 
Anyway ...
I made this set of Paper Dolls for Griffin's class bulletin board when he was the Star of the week. 
I cut everything out in white cardstock and colored in with the Prisma markers drew the faces in myself.  I used chalks to color in the eyes and to give the cheeks  a bit of a glow.
The comic book style word bubbles with our names in them are Stampin' Up.
Thanks for looking !