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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yard Sale for Scrapbook Room

Well.. I am finally doing it. I am getting rid of all the useless junk in my Garage . Don't worry it's for a good cause, I am making room for Brads Gym stuff to go into the garage and the car needs to fit in there for the Winter too! In return for this I shall get the downstairs room that is currently the Gym for my very own Scrapbook room so that I can have more space to spread out and be creative. YAY! * Happy Dance*
I was able to buy 2 new Garage doors , garage floor paint & epoxy, driveway sealer, door hardware, new doorbell, shop lights for the Garage and a new wheelbarrow ... with the money from the yard sale! wow! Now to roll up my sleaves and get busy!