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Friday, April 10, 2009

Scrapbook Crop

Ok well I'm so excited ! I get to go to a scrapbook swap next friday! It's a 6 hour event at my Local scrapbook store ( LSS). I can't wait it will be my first time away from Rory for more than an hour, Yikes! I have to pump this week so I will have enough for Brad to feed him while I'm gone. I'm sure he will handle it fine but I still a bit aprehensive...
Anyway, I have been taking a ton of pictures so I can choose some for my LOs I am hopeing to get at least 6 done 1 an hour ... I may be able to get more done if I plan ahead and print out the pictures , cut out anything with my Cricut machine that I may want, and Print out some titles off the computer & dig thru all the embellishments and stickers so I can have as much choosen and ready to go.
I know already some of the photos I will be using already , check them out below . Cute huh?

Welcome Roarke Maxwell

Welcome my newest addition , Roarke Maxwell . He was born on Jan 30th and I have been so busy I haven't come back to update everyone but most of you know already anyway...LOL

I swear the past 2 months have just flown by I still feel like it was just last week that I felt like I was recovered from the C-Section. I suppose it was only 3 weeks ago really but man it went quick.( note to all that may have a c-section in the future - brace your belly with a pillow and bend over when sneezing otherwise you may rip a stitch! like I did and boy was that painful )

I have lost just over 30 lbs so far and I have sooooo much more to lose. It really sucks I could eat wonderfully the whole pregnancy and still gain 50 lbs I swear but I have started eating super wholesome again and now that it is supposed to get warmer I will be able to start going out more with the boys.. we live a block away from the park and last year griffin and I went almost daily. so this yr we 3 will go for walks around town and the neighborhood and play at the park and if I can bring myself to get into a bathing suit then we will go swimming !

Lose that baby weight Tazza Lose it quick!