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Friday, June 18, 2010

A little bit distracted...

Hello everyone!
Let me just  start off with a big ol' I'm sorry...
 I have been so distracted  by so many things this week & last
 that I have not been doing what I needed to.
I'm sure you all understand that sometimes life gets in the way.
 I will be sharing pictures of all the fun and festivities of
 Griffin's 4th birthday party ( with just us) and
of the one on Saturday with more of the extended family.
Did i mention yet that Great Grandma came up for Griffin's Birthday this year!  I am so happy she was able to make it up she is such a busy lady.
 I finished all the Spongebob paper piecing &
OMG ...
 that was a lot of paper ...LOL
 I love how each character turned out! I did mess up on a few things ...
but it wasn't a huge issue..

 OK well Patrick has no pants on ...
 but the purple flowers are strategically placed I swear.


a few thoughts after this week...
Ice cream cake is the absolute best for Summer Birthday's
Bikini Bottom  never looked as good as it does in my dining room ...
and Rory can spot Spongbob from a mile away... then yells SpongeBob SpongeBob till we agree...
I sometimes wonder how much longer I can stand to not be near my family... 
I miss them so much especially my Sister who is SUPER COOL  &
who Griffin Shares his Birthday with.
I love ya SIS! Your the Best Sister I could ever ask for.


Also deal alert.... Walmart is marking down the scrapbooking section
 ( actually the entire crafts area was marked down )
& I of course have been  going every week to check out the deals.
Today I bought  the Cricut storybook cartridge for 23.00! 
I know  I can't believe it either...
 they had Tinkerbell, cars, and a few other carts marked that low too!
So if I were you I would run over to my local walmart &
 see if they have any left I know these will go fast!
Good Luck!