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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Holy Moly.... =D

Hello everyone!
I have been super busy this past week and have gotten so much  done
 yet so much is unfinished! Crap!
First ... I still need to  pick out & notify the 5 winners of the Ms Bright Side award
(which I have choosen but haven't had any time to post that all yet)

Second... I have huge news!
 I entered a contest by Sara Paris a little bit ago and she notified me that I WON! Yay Meeeee! LOL...
I am still keeping my fingers crossed that I will make her design team.. so wish me luck!

Third ... I particapated in the Lindsay's Stamp Stuff Virtual Crop and had a blast!
I made a bunch of cards with her digital Stamps  (alot were freebies! Gotta love freebies!)
I also bought a few sets from  her one of which  is the Alice in Wonderland set which is beautiful... I have some of those printed but haven't made anything yet with them.. so they should be coming soon!

Anyway here is a few things I made during the virtual crop
Hope you like them !,
 Not all are my normal style but I'm stepping out form that & trying other styles on for size.

Hope you  like all of these...
 there are more to come, I got super busy & didn't have the time to finish them yet.
 so if you like what you see then come back soon!
I have alot of really pretty cards by several designers to share .