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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Smilebox digital scrapbook

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Easter Digital Scrapbook with Smilebox

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Filipino Prisoners can DANCE!

I had to share I stumbled upon some funny videos of Filipino prisoners doing some choreographed dances .. check them out! this one is the Rico Mambo not as good as the Thriller one but still cool to watch. this one is Thriller and really good ! I used to love Michael Jackson! LOL

Rory's Photo Shoot

Last week I decided I should get some new cute pictures of Rory and share them with everyone. I wanted them to look semi professional so I took them with him Naked on a plain background
.... Note to all this is so much easier to do when they are newborns but I still wanted to do it even though he was not as cooperative as I would have liked. Here's a few of my Favorites.

I tried to get Griffin in on the action but he wasn't going to cooperate either so I gave up on him early... 2 year olds what are you to do with them.

Deals Deals and more Deals

OK so First off I have to say I have had a great weekend so far! I had so much freakin' fun at the Scrap Friday night, I managed to make about 4 pages and since they were having the annual garage sale the next day if you went to the scrap you got a sneak preview and got first dibs to buy anything you wanted ... you see where this is going I'm sure.
Well I went to the right while just about everyone else went the left.I was by myself at the first table I went to & one lady had stuff marked down to ridiculously low prices... needless to say in just a few minutes I had an armload of Stampin' up wood stamp sets , a ton of baggies with multiple punches, papers , magazine & Idea books , templates and numerous other things... I had a huge pile by the time I made my way to the other end of the store. I didn't bring enough cash so they held what I wanted and I went Sat morning to buy what I had left along with a bunch more ... LOL ...In total I spent $68.00 - $48.00 this morning and $20.00 last night - the scrap fee was 7.00 and I bought 2 stickles and some extra papers for the pages I was working on while there plus the 10.00 in garage sale stuff.
I probably bought well over 1000.00 worth of items and I would venture to think that it was even more than that if I had bought them new at full price!!!!
But What happened to be in my e-mail this morning when I checked it ? a great exclusive offer from Provo Craft! Yay! so the deal is you buy a bundle set of 2 Carts that they will be releasing in May for 99.00 and if you paid in 1 payment then you also got a Cricut Jukebox and Cricut markers! So I had mentioned it to Brad and he was like Wow that's a good deal you should buy it and kept asking me if I had bought it yet well I finally broke down and bought it It is just a little more than the jukebox at most stores anyway unless it is a really special sale like Black Friday and the Home Decor Cart looks cool I know I could do alot with that . As for the Jubilee Cart I could do without but I don't have any extra fonts just the one that came with my Expression when I bought it so it may be nice to be able to have another to use until I have the SCAL program and Design Studio ... those are on my wish list and I may be able to buy them here fairly soon but I figured I would wait till they came out with the DS pro since that is supposed to come out soon.
Anyway those were some fantastic deals & I can't believe that I am so lucky to have such a supportive guy who lets me spend money on my hobby without every complaining and even encouraging me to get a certain item or whatever it is that he knows I want .
Now I just need to put in those "new " counter tops ( from Brad's Parent's kitchen re-do) and finish my scrapbook room again, it is almost re-organized and the room lost a few things again that I didn't really use & the space seems much less crowded.
Stay tuned for more installments , I will be posting some new pictures next time!