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Friday, January 15, 2010

Cricut Design Studio Word/Shape Book

Last night I started to work on a word/shape book in the Cricut Design Studio Program.
I  really love it  because its pretty easy to use and I can make some fantastic things...
I would love to get the SCAL program and a drawing tablet so I could design my own stuff  eventually but for now this is great.
Anyway here is a screenshot of the album I am working on ... mind you  some things pictured ( like the waves) will go on one of the pages and not where it is pictured... this is a few of the layers that I didn't uncheck when I did my preview.
 I am going to cut this out to see what it looks like and if I need to make some adjustments to it.  Hopefully I will post some pictures of what I end up with  soon!

Cartridge Details:
A Childs Year, Everyday Paper Dolls, Plantin School Book