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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10 random things

1) I can't burp ( I don't know why or what the problem is but I can't do it...I have tried and they will come up as bubbles in my chest but no burp) weird I know... =P

2) I am a collector ( some may say pack rat or obsessive compulsive... I just like alot of the same thing and can't stop collecting them until I find something else to focus on =P) Right now I am focused on Scrapbooking products and tools so it is acceptable to most people...LOL funny how that works.

3) My favorite Ice cream is Baskin Robbins PeanutButter-Chocolate Ice Cream ... Mmmmmm and I love their clown cones for birthday treats.

4) I have recived 8 tattoos ( technically, even though I only have 7 Tattoos... one was added later to an existing Tattoo to make it align with the one down my spine)

5) I have trained as a Tattoo Artist and yes I have Tattooed People... including myself. Brad keeps after me to get my stuff up and get going again so he can get some work done again.

6) I went to school to be an Architect (2 yrs)and Interior Designer(1 Yr)... now I am not sure if it's what I want to do or not. I love it but I do hate math...LOL

7) I love Making Pottery. I wish I could afford to have a kiln... and a professional wheel.

8) My Favorite Movie - What Dreams May Come... I Love this movie, makes me cry everytime I see it.

9) I try to be as Eco freindly as I can be. I am the group owner of my local freecycle group. I recycle just about everything, I have 1 trash can a week of trash for a family of 4. I buy used not only to save me money but to help keep my footprint small. I am a energy and light nazi in my home... Cold go put on a sweatshirt and get a blanket, Unless it's dark out or no windows no lights should be on during the daytime. I do everything I can to help do our part.

10) I am growing my hair back out after chopping it off for some reason( I plead temporary Insanity)

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