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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Rory these past few months has changes so much, he is officially turning 7 months this week and he is pulling himself up and cruising around the furniture already. I was surprised when he started to crawl so early dragging himself around but now wow I think he might just be an early walker and Boy I am not really ready for that yet! I want to have my little baby a baby for longer.

He just got his 3rd tooth on the Saturday the 26 , the first two showed up on the 1st and the 8th of September... so three teeth in one month! Wow!
At his 6 month apt he weighed in at 14lbs 12 Oz and is in the 5th percentile.. He is my little shorty... most people think he is about 3-4 months old..LOL
Rory has lost his original hair except for a few stragglers and has grown lighter hair in it's place... right now it is a sandy blond color definitely not as light as Griffin's White blond hair. He also has light brown eyes... I Love them but I wish he had more green in them like me or Brad or the beautiful Blue like Griffin & Erika ... Oh well He is definitely an individual and I Love him sooooo Much!