My Awesome followers!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Sweet Freebie for you! *Edited*

Hello Everyone! 
As a big thank you to my new followers and to my Old ones who have stuck around for awhile, I am working up a new Freebie sentiment set for you all!   So check back soon and subcribe to my rss feed, become a follower if your not already to see it as soon as I add it! =D
Ok and now for the newest set! I had an overwhelming response to my last sentiment set and I messed one up pretty bad ! ** Blush** LOL...  
So I made you all a new set of the sentiment I messed up! ... I hope you all  can use it I think the different styles could come in handy... =D  Anywho...  comes once again in Jpg and in  Png format  for mixing with another digital stamp!
 just  print and cut or crop and print the one you want easy as pie. =D

Enjoy! ** I have changed the files to the corrected ones** if you downloaded this  before 9:30 PM 11/6/2010 then you should download the new files! Sorry!