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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday Cricut Deals ! Whoo Hoo!

Well You all have to know by now that I am in love with my Cricut Expression. It seriously is one of the best Scrapbooking tools I have ever bought.

With that said this Friday's black friday deal at walmart for the new colored Expression was to good to pass up! I got the very last one they had at my local store and it was Black! If it had been any of the other colors I would have passed on it. But it was Black! One of my favorite colors and it will look super in my craft room... =D The new Cartridge Serenade came with it and I was excited about it but once I looked it over I decided to either try to trade or sell it. I found a great person to trade with and I will get Pagoda and From my Kitchen for it ! YAY! I am super excited about it.

I also went to M's and picked up a few new carts ( Everyday Paperdolls & Winter Woodland). I also traded 2 carts back to Hobby Lobbythat I had bought previously that I decided that I wouldn't use and got ( A Child's Year & Animal Kingdom). Over all a great Cricut day and that's not to mention the other deals I got! That is a different post!


Anonymous said...

I am going to have to google Cricut so I can start understanding these posts! lmbo! I know, I'm soooo lazy, I should have looked it up a while ago

Tazza said...

OMG Joelle! I can't belive you don't know what I have been posting about! LOL