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Monday, August 10, 2009


Rory is now 6 months old, 2 weeks ago he started to scoot a tiny bit ( about 2 inches forward and would go backwards until he hit something). Well he his really getting around now... he does this really cute Army crawl (with no leg help) just pulling with his arm or sometimes arms... he's such a strong boy!
I don't have his 6 month stats yet since he hasn't gone to his 6 month check up yet, but he is a solid kid. not fat not skinny( like Griffin) just solid.
I started feeding him solids about a month ago once a day ...until a week ago when I got Mastis and decided he would have to help get rid of it naturally if possible... after about 4 days I started feeling better but wanted to make sure it was cleared before we went back to solids and it worked..started him back on the solids again 2 days ago .
I also started to offer him Cheerios's to help him work on his pincher grasp... he can do it some of the time but has yet to put any in his mouth... it's cute...