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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's been awhile....

I know, I know .... I should have posted before this. I didn't forget but alot of stuff has been going on. We had a major Ice storm that took down a ton of trees , electric poles and yes cable lines.. sigh... Mother nature is not happy this winter ... But we did thaw out and they are starting to pick up all the broken limbs and fixed pretty much all the downed lines so we are all better now.
I am 33 weeks and 5 days today had a Dr's appt today they take half the day now and it sucks. At least my Friday appts are not that long they normally last about an hour and I'm outta there ( with good Ultra Sound pictures ) so I love that.

Griffin hates the hospital and gets upset when we go to my Appointments there, Poor Guy. All Dr's and Nurses freak him out now even worse than before, He had to get a full back allergy test not to long ago. he is now officially allergic to Dogs , and some kind of Dry outdoor mold... and he still has an unknown allergy to some type of preservative... Dr says it's rare to be allergic to a preservative but he breaks out all over his face and has had 1 bad reaction to ketchup where he had hives and got sick. soooooo he will have to get tested for some of the more rare ingredients at a later date but the Dr and I need to get a list of common ingredients together and she has to special order them.... so that's a to be continued episode .

I have been pretty busy lately sorting and organizing and trying to get the house at least in a semblance of order and cleaned. LOL it is even more messy at this point that it was last week or the week before. I guess it has to get that way to get better , At least that is what I'm telling myself at this point with only 2 weeks away from my C-section. WOW.. just 2 weeks from Friday! it's so soon yet so long... I hope we will be ready. I should really buy some diapers for the baby... LOL I have been meaning to buy some but I keep thinking I have time but now I don't have much at all! Aghhhhh!
Anyway, back to my nesting cleaning thing I'm doing at the moment. I sold Griffin's Red Computer armiore it was to big for me to keep in his room with the twin bed and the crib. and I am trying to sell the toddler bed but I may just put it up on Freecycle . I'm sad to see them go but we don't have all that space to keep them at the moment so out they go. I also sorted through all the toys and I'm getting rid of a bunch... mostly Little people cause I have a sickness and collected them for him and now I have to many ( Ha did you notice I said I have to many!) LOL ... I get obsessive about things and just don't know when to stop but luckily I did stop a while ago when Brad complained to much .... Poor guy he puts up with alot LOL again I'm working on this compulsive pack rat tendencies I have but it's hard ...
I am also getting rid of a file cabinet that we kept from an old desk . It's so big it takes up way to much room in the new family playroom that is going to hold our computer now... we are also getting a bigger desk since it's to small. I want something long so we can have the printer, the computer and the photo printer all on 1 table together and have space to work . I'm thinking of a buffet table will work or a similar type. I need a table like that for my Scrapbook stuff as well so the Cricut has to have a place to rest. Overall things are going out and not coming in so we are making progress! I'll update sooner next time so stay tuned !