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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Freebie Sentiment set

I made this sentiment set a while back for some cards I was making.
I hope you can use it , This set is my first attempt to make sentiments like this...
   Normally I just find someones Else's freebies
but I couldn't find what I was looking for so made my own.D
 Free & Available here till Wednesday's am post then it will be gone.
 Let me know if you like them , Thanks!

Freebie Sentiment set
Available from 8/8/2010 - 8/10/2010

just click on the image & right click on it to enlarge and copy.

This will fit on your 8.5 x 11 Standard  paper for the printer.  I would double check with a print preview just to make sure it is correct before I printed it out but it fits mine perfect. and I have made it so you cut it in half and then you cut each sentiment out separately...( at lease this is how I did I anyway)

Thanks for stopping by my blog hope you enjoy !


weva said...

Thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

Really like the graphical design and navigation of the site, easy on the eyes and good content. other sites are just way too overflowing with adds

Anonymous said...

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