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Monday, December 7, 2009

Fun stuff going on this week!

I have a few things this week that I will be sharing with you all. You'll have to come back soon to see what I am up to. I'll just say I am currently in the process of making several holiday gifts for family. here is a overview of what I will be sharing.

For the Boys I am making some Fabric food. so you can see how those turn out soon. I have so many things I want to make I sure hope I can get even half of what I am thinking made they will have lots of fun. I am also making them a few books on thngs like the Alphabet and counting and I may do one or two other ones depending on the time I have left.

I am also in the middle of making a word book for Brads Grandmother & Mini Albums for his parents. I am making things for a few others but they read the blog so I won't share those yet! =D


Anonymous said...

WHO reads your blog? lol

Tazza said...

MMmm well a few people do LOL...