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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free digi kits at twopeasinabucket!

I know I know I'm behind the times it seems... Everyone but me knew it was there...BUT...
I just found the FREE digital Scrapbook kits at my favorite Scrapbook website two peas in a bucket! I'm on there all the time ( well at least when I get on the computer) I go there to check out others Layouts and take part in the challenges they have to take a class or whatever and I haven't been that interested in digi scraping cause that's all I need to do is start obsessively collecting digi kits like the real Scrapbook stuff.
I just guess that was too much to ask for, Now I want to start Digi scrappin' so I can send them to people and not worry about my pages getting damaged. I would also love to do some Hybrid Scrapbooking with both Digital elements and Traditional Scrapbook supplies and see what I could come up with. I started downloading kits that were free and now I can't stop ... it's terrible really the excitement I get from a new scrapbook element but at least it's not Drugs! Safe and Legal is the way to go!
Anyway I need to find some fonts so I can print out some Journaling and some titles for my Pages for this Fridays crop and I still need to print out some pictures.
Back to work while I have a free hour from Rorys hungry belly. It's so quite right now... ahhhh Feel the Peace.