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Monday, April 20, 2009

Excuse me? Your think your poor & you make how much?

As I surf the Internet this morning I came across this article about the perception of wealth and the tax changes to those who make over 250,000 a yr . Now I can understand that if you live in a certain area ( like most areas in California ) 250,000 may not be a lot of money but with that small exception those who make over 250,000 a year need to prioritize. Read the excerpt below taken directly from the article and you will most likely agree with me on that .
Excerpt -
Van Moore, an optometrist in Sevierville, makes just enough in his practice that he worries he might qualify for the tax increase. Mr. Moore said he was contemplating adding two staff workers and another doctor to his practice, but then the economy went soft. In the years after he finished optometry school, his first job brought in less than $20,000 a year. Then he made $50,000 for several years, all the while dealing with his $150,000 student-loan debt, which he still has. Now he is making just above $250,000.
"I'm not in a mobile home with no utilities or running water and holes in the floor," he said. "I'm not poor, but I'm not rich."
For the Parnells, their perception of themselves is based on the math. The value of their house is down $60,000. Ms. Parnell says the couple's gross income last year was about $260,000. Taxes, premiums for medical care and deductions for Social Security and their 401(k) contributions cut the gross to about $12,000 per month. The family tithes $1,300 a month at their church. Their mortgage, second mortgage and payment on land they bought is nearly $4,000 a month. Other expenses, including their family car payment, insurance and college funds, as well as basics like food, utilities and donations to charities, leave them with about $1,200 left over each month.
"I'm not after sympathy. We are blessed. What I want is a reality check on what rich means," Ms. Parnell says. "I can pay my mortgage and I can buy some clothes. I'm not going without, but I'm not living a life of luxury."

Please .... Mr. & Mrs. Parnell get a grip you have more money left over to spend how you please on extras than most people make in a month! I mean I feel like we are blessed to be able to let me stay home with the kids for now and if we have enough to buy some extras each month after things are paid we are doing great.
Then I read this and think ya know these people need a reality check! Quit your bitchin' and do your part. Maybe you shouldn't have bought such a expensive house , I'm sorry you can't take 2 vacations a year, or that you may have to buy off the rack from a High End Dept store once in a while. What! You can't buy only designer clothes & handbags (Gasp!) what will the neighbors think! ... maybe you should not give the church so much money since it obviously means so much to you...
Seriously we are a family of 4 and Brad makes way less and we are fine... we have food , a home, a car , and clothes on our backs. We don't want for anything... if we do want something and we don't have enough to go out and buy it then we just save up for it . AND yes we shop at Walmart , K-mart, Garage sales & Second hand stores... there is nothing wrong with that. I would rather take something that is used and in perfectly good condition and save my money on more important things like gas , food and (LOL) Scrapbook supplies....
I just hate people who think expensive material things are a necessity they are extras and you can survive without them .


Anonymous said...

I feel ya. I will be the first to admit I went crazy shopping for baby, but at the same time, we made sure all major purchases were gender neutral. We make 24,000 a year with just his salary, and our rent and utilites are included. We qualify for WIC and will use it, we won't buy a new car, and I love thrift stores and garage sales. To us, experiences are the things we want to spend money on, like taking baby to the zoo, etc. People need to learn how to be responsible. I can't tell you how good it felt to go to our mandatory financial counseling and be told they had no advice for us.

mrs.notouching said...

I couldn't agree more. I am amazed daily with some some ppl's sense of entitlement and lack of appreciation for what they have. I think the recession made it even more obvious.

P.S. Love the look of your blog!