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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What have I been up to?! Update!

Hey everyone it has absolutely bee forever since I last posted!
 Ugh.. life just tends to sneak up on you get you seriously busy and then BAM! you notice it's been months! LOL.... 
Ok so first off Griffin has been to so many Drs the past 2 months,  every week he has his speech & Occupational / Physical therapy then we have been to a new specialist every week or so to check on various things.  He is such a sweet & loving kid.
Rory is Rory... Getting big ... thinking he is Black Star & Iron man... LOL Playing with trains and cars ... oh and his Airplane and helicopter!  He shows me his muscles and tells me he is strong...

& of course Me  Still wearing my pre pregnancy clothes! I have gained 5 lbs. Yay!!   Baby is doing well and in a few weeks I will get to find out what this little one is so that is exciting! 
Ok so what else have I been up to...  ( besides cooking this little one) Wellllllll........ I am  no longer the Design team leader for Digis with Attitude. But... I decided to take up an awesome opportunity with Scrapbook News & Review Magazine.
 Now I am not allowed to publish any of the stuff I have made for them for 30 days after the subscription soooo I  am afraid there is still more time to go till I can actually  post them. BUT if you  want to check out the Magazine you can get a subscription and right now they are running a big special for the big 3rd anniversary!  1 yr subscription for $24.00 ( that's 40% off)

Scrapbook News & Review has so much fabulous content jam packed into each issue, that we're now offering Scrapbook News and Review Magazine TWICE A MONTH! It's true! And it's been met with some serious enthusiasm and jumping for joy.
For the first part of the month, we publish all the inspiration and calls and articles and then for the second part of the month, we publish all the tutorials and primers and technique articles. You really have to check it out to see just how amazing it is.
There's nowhere else on the planet that you can get this much info and education in one place at one time for $24! So don't delay...subscribe today. And while you're at it, wish us a Happy Birthday! I'll even let you blow out the candles if you wanna!

Special pricing ends Friday, April 15th at midnight EST.

Grab a subscription before you forget!

Thanks for stopping by... tomorrow I  will have a new project up for DstArt! (That term is just getting started again.) Check out my  very cute Altered canister for Easter !


Anonymous said...

Ooohhhh, thanks for this post! I was published in it a while ago.. but I would REALLY love the subscription and at such a GREAT deal.. Congrats on the position with them..

dragonllew said...

Ohh I wondered the other day if you were ok glad to here everything is ok and congrats on your new position sounds exciting.

just2ducky said...

Sounds like you are doing well and having fun. Congrats to the little one!

petersmith said...

GREAT deal! Pawn My Watch