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Monday, May 18, 2009

Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy

I swear I don't mean to forget to write but I do anyway, I am a bad blogger . I have been so busy lately that I have not been able to do much online or Scrapbooking ( though yes I do try ) Since National Scrapbooking Day I have worked on about 20 Layout's some are Halfway finished, I touched up and added some bling to older ones or completely made up some new ones But I still felt like I haven't gotten much done. I'm just so far behind in my Pictures.
So what have I been doing you ask? Well, I have of course been the best Mommy I can be to my Kids, Griffin has been having some issues lately with telling us when he has to go to the Bathroom After doing so well for about 2 months and I have no Idea what changed for him. He also has had several ear infections recently and has been fighting a viral infection this past week now. We had to go to his Early Intervention Evaluation at the school this past Thursday and he was a crying blubbery mess... but then after about 30 Min's he was fine and I was able to disentangle myself from him and leave the testing room. When he was done he was so happy and he actually held the Speech Pathologists hand and skipped to me! LOL it was precious. The Speech Pathologist says that she will be recommending he go into the Developmental preschool where he will have speech as well as his socializing that he is in need of. He will have to ride the bus so I'm actually kinda sad about that. But it will be great for him so I will not complain!
I also have a Developmental Pediatrician referral and a speech pathologist referral coming soon from the Dr. and can't wait for that Griffin will need the Speech this summer as Early Intervention stops when he turns 3 and that is only weeks away now and the Developmental Pediatrician is so we can hopefully have a solid Diagnosis of what is wrong with Griffin's Speech. Apraxia is so far the top of the list but he has to be officially confirmed to get the treatment he would need to overcome it enough to be fully functioning in society as an adult. I've been reading 2 great books all about Apraxia and other Speech problems and a book on the ways to treat it with diet and supplements. The Late Talker is great and the other book is LCP Solution.
Rory is doing great and getting BIG! he is growing out of alot of his clothes , Trying to talk to you he squeals and smiles alot and is trying to eat his toys if you hand things to him. He also trys to reach for things and grabs on to anything his hands come into contact with my shirt, his swings tray, his link-a-doos, his Disney Dumbo & Lady Plush Rattles..(He likes to attack those!) He is such a sweet happy boy but when he gets tired ( cause he wants to stay up and see what's going on around him) ugh boy is he a grumpy thing! The past few days he has been awake for way longer than he normally is and then he just gets these sad frowns on his face and whimpers, then he cries when I put him down in his swing so he can take a nap cause when it gets to that point there is nothing else to do but let him swing himself to sleep. He is doing Great with his tummy time and has been holding his head up for quite awhile he does eventually get upset cause he can't hold his head up any longer and is rubbing his head into the ground so that's when we have back play time and do fun games like peek-a-boo and tickle monster( Even Griffin joins in on that one!) My Favorite game is Kissy monster where I hold him real close and I kiss him to death all over his face and neck.. I love the way he smells and he is so soft and cuddly... I still do this to Griffin but he will not let me do it as long..He would rather be bowling! or Playing Cars Or Bowling Cars! LOL ...