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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well I will just start of with saying the past few months have just flown by. Griffin Started school & is doing well. He also has 2 speech therapy sessions a week and a OT/PT once a week so we are always running to Peoria to have therapy it seems. He is doing great though he is working on building his muscle tone up and balance along with his motion sickness problem in the OT/PT & he has really come along way in speech but he is still not understandable to most and I am still the interpreter for most things he says, We have found that for most words he either leaves the beginning or the end off so it is not easily understood what he is trying to say.

We received his School pictures back and they are so precious... the teacher said he cried and was not letting them get a good happy picture and they tried for awhile but eventually he did stop and they got a picture. I will have to upload it and post later I especially love the tear in the corner of his eye ..Poor guy he is such a sensitive guy. We had had a bad morning which didn't help. He got car sick so we had to rush home and change from his picture clothes , so we were late to school not a good scenario for Griffin.