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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cricut & other things I LOVE...

There are so many Cricut cartridges out or coming out that I want. Winter Wonderland , Stand and Salute, From my Kitchen, Everyday Paperdolls, are just a few of the new ones that just came out that I want Oh, and lest I forget the ones that have been out for awhile that I want.. or the ones that will be coming out that I want. LOL... Not to mention, ( OK I will mention it) the Newest Gadget that would be great to have, The Gypsy... A portable design studio ...Ahhh .

What can I say I love my Cricut machine and I use it alot... it has been the best tool that I have bought for my scrapbooking so far... I want to eventually buy all the add ons and extras that they have come out with and will come out with in the future.

I am also totally addicted to stamps and I found the most kick ass stamps from some online friends from scrapbooking & crafting friends @ Ning . The company that has the kick ass stamps is called Bombshell Stamps and they are so freakin' wonderful! I would use these all the time if I had any ... LOL. Check them out I don't think you will be disappointed!

I also came across a Garage sale the other day where the lady was selling unmounted stamps for 10cents! Needless to say I bought all that I liked for just under $15.00! I have already used a bunch of them and I love them... I bought all the food,animals, fairy, toys and woods/tree stamps that she had plus a few odd ball ones like a alien in a flying saucer that looks like a paper airplane.. LOL adorable and perfect for a boy page.

I Love Stickles... A woman at a crop I went to turned me onto them a while ago and I loved them right away, I really love the way thay can add a more finished look to a project and they have so many colors. I love all of the clear ones the most Stardust, diamond, ect... they can be used for so many things you really get alot of bang for your buck when you use them beacause they take on the color of the paper under the stickle glitter. When dried it's really great looking. Once I had used them a few times I had to go and buy some more and this time the colored ones! I bought the halloween pack with the black, purple and orange and the christmas colored one red, green & a stardust, and for good measure I bought the pastel one that had pink lavender and a different clear one. So I am set ... umm. . . Well at least until I need some of the other colors...
Muahahahahaha......Brad is gonna Kill me ... ;P

And lets not get started on Paper.... it all so pretty! I use alot of paper either with the Cricut or just in layering multiple papers fo my Layouts. I could never have enough paper!

I could go on and on about my Favorite Scrapbooking things... but for now I will say goodbye! Look for my next post to find out more of my favorite Products and what I really want to try.