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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Holy Moly.... =D

Hello everyone!
I have been super busy this past week and have gotten so much  done
 yet so much is unfinished! Crap!
First ... I still need to  pick out & notify the 5 winners of the Ms Bright Side award
(which I have choosen but haven't had any time to post that all yet)

Second... I have huge news!
 I entered a contest by Sara Paris a little bit ago and she notified me that I WON! Yay Meeeee! LOL...
I am still keeping my fingers crossed that I will make her design team.. so wish me luck!

Third ... I particapated in the Lindsay's Stamp Stuff Virtual Crop and had a blast!
I made a bunch of cards with her digital Stamps  (alot were freebies! Gotta love freebies!)
I also bought a few sets from  her one of which  is the Alice in Wonderland set which is beautiful... I have some of those printed but haven't made anything yet with them.. so they should be coming soon!

Anyway here is a few things I made during the virtual crop
Hope you like them !,
 Not all are my normal style but I'm stepping out form that & trying other styles on for size.

Hope you  like all of these...
 there are more to come, I got super busy & didn't have the time to finish them yet.
 so if you like what you see then come back soon!
I have alot of really pretty cards by several designers to share .


Micki said...

LOL, talk about unfinished projects....come to my house! From the looks of it, I'd say you got lots accomplished. The cards you created are awesome! The Virtual Crop was fun, I just wish I could have spend more time in the crop room instead of working :-(.